Asha Bless Charities and Mukti Foundation Trust

Reaching to the unreached, Mission with great vision // Register under Odisha Govt. Reg. No. 41222200620
Office:- Angel' Cottage, Next to 202 Cobra Battalion Sunabeda-2, Post- Rajput, Dist- Koraput,
State- Odisha, India, Pin- 764036


About US

Asha Bless Charities and Mukti Foundation Trust

Asha Bless Charities and Mukti Foundation Trust are two non-profit organizations based in India that work towards the betterment of underprivileged communities by providing education, healthcare, and skill-building initiatives. Asha Bless Charities began its journey in 2002 with the aim of reaching out to marginalized individuals in rural and urban areas. The organization focuses on providing essential aid such as food, shelter, and clothing, along with healthcare, education, and skill-building programs.

Mukti Foundation Trust is another non-profit organization that aims to empower people from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Founded in 2008, the organization focuses on offering education, healthcare support, and vocational training programs to underprivileged individuals. The organization also works towards promoting sustainable development practices in rural areas to support the growth and development of these communities.

Together, Asha Bless Charities and Mukti Foundation Trust have impacted the lives of thousands of individuals across India, bringing hope and positive change to communities in need.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) engage in various activities to promote social welfare, environmental protection, human rights, and other noble causes. Some NGOs provide emergency relief, such as shelter, food, and healthcare, in response to natural disasters, conflicts, or humanitarian crises. Others offer education, vocational training, and other programs to empower disadvantaged communities, particularly women and children. NGOs also advocate for policy changes, raise awareness, and mobilize public support to influence national and international decision-makers. They conduct research, monitor and report on human rights violations, and provide legal assistance to vulnerable groups. Moreover, NGOs collaborate with other stakeholders, such as governments, private sector entities, and other NGOs, to enhance their impact and sustainability. They rely on donor funding and volunteers to carry out their mission and implement their programs. Overall, NGOs play a vital role in addressing society’s challenges and promoting positive change.

There are several ways in which NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) help poor people. Some NGOs provide food, shelter, and clothing to impoverished communities. They also provide healthcare services, education, and vocational training to individuals who may not otherwise have access to these resources. NGOs may also work towards creating job opportunities for people in marginalized communities, by setting up small businesses or offering employment training programs.

Moreover, NGOs may advocate for policy change on behalf of the poor and lobby for government programs that alleviate poverty. Also, many NGOs work towards creating sustainable solutions to poverty that work with communities, ensuring they are actively involved in designing and implementing interventions that fit their needs. Thanks to these efforts, NGOs can contribute to empowering and uplifting poor people, improving their quality of life and helping them to break the cycle of poverty.


Our main mission is to overcome the problem of poverty and spread awareness among the deprived people. We also have a motive of uplifting the backward section of the society in order to ensure their progress and bright future. 

Asha Bless Charities and Mukti Foundation Trusts mission is to work Upliftment of poor,sick, downtrodden and underprivileged in Social,Economical, Emotional, Spritual all the realm,Our Mission is to have a hungerless World,A Peaceful Globe and an Eco-friendly Earth to Empower and Create a Holistic Community in respective of caste,creed and Religion



Our vision is to provide the best health facilities to the poor people of society as well as education to unprivileged children.  

Vision Is to create a more inclusive and equitable world where everyone is respected, valued and enjoyed the God Given opportunities in this world with all of our efforts and helping Hands “Service to Mankind is Service to God”