Asha Bless Charities and Mukti Foundation Trust

Reaching to the unreached, Mission with great vision // Register under Odisha Govt. Reg. No. 41222200620
Office:- Angel' Cottage, Next to 202 Cobra Battalion Sunabeda-2, Post- Rajput, Dist- Koraput,
State- Odisha, India, Pin- 764036


Our Activities

Education for All

EFA promotes quality education for all, but low-income and conflict areas still face challenges. A multi-stakeholder approach is necessary, involving governments, civil society, academia, private sector, and individuals. Ongoing efforts are needed to strengthen education systems during the pandemic.

Health for All

“Health for All” means quality healthcare access for all, despite their background. WHO promoted since 1978 and countries included it in policies. Barriers like poverty, discrimination, and education limit access. Governments need to invest in health systems and education to achieve “Health for All.”

Women Empowerment & Awareness

Women empowerment means granting women equal rights, opportunities, education, healthcare, and economic independence. Despite the ongoing discrimination, violence, and poverty faced, awareness needs to be raised and cultural norms challenged to create a future where women thrive and shape better communities.

Youth Empowerment

Youth empowerment helps them gain skills, education, and resources to be confident and engaged members of society. This includes leadership, education, healthcare, employment, and valuing their perspectives. The benefits are better health, economic potential, less poverty and inequality, more civic engagement, and a sustainable future.

Rural Development

Rural development aims to improve economic, social, and environmental conditions in rural areas through basic services, job opportunities, sustainable agriculture and natural resource protection. Collaboration and technology play a key role in this sustainable development.

Public Awareness

Public awareness uses media, ads, speeches, and education to teach people about important issues. This helps them make informed choices and take action. Successful campaigns like stopping smoking and protecting the environment use public awareness to create benefits for individuals and society.

Environment & Forest

Forests are vital but human activity endangers them, causing loss of diversity and climate change. Sustainable management, conservation, and carbon reduction are crucial. Paris Agreement promotes reforestation for a greener future.

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is the ethical responsibility of humans to meet the basic needs of animals and prevent harm, abuse, and exploitation. Promoting animal welfare includes adopting pets from shelters and buying cruelty-free products. Organizations and laws are in place to protect animal welfare.

Our Training Base Activities


Get software and programming skills with a computer course. Beginner to advanced levels offered online or in-person. Universities, vocational schools, and private organizations offer it. Gain hands-on experience with popular software and system fundamentals for personal and professional growth.


Drance class targets people over 50 with high blood pressure, diabetes or optic nerve problems. Symptoms include sudden vision loss, color changes, and visual field defects. Treatment is managed through medication and controlling underlying conditions, while monitoring risk factors can prevent or manage it.


The drawing class teaches fundamental techniques and principles using a variety of tools like pencils, charcoal, and pastels. Students learn shading, perspective, composition, and accuracy through theory and practice with teacher feedback. All skill levels are welcome.


Tailoring creates custom clothing that fits the customer perfectly, through precise techniques and measurements. Experienced tailors can modify existing pieces or create new designs, resulting in personal, high-quality garments that instill confidence and originality.